B.E.S.T. - Bar Examination Success Training


Welcome to the BEST place to study for the California bar exam. Give yourself the BEST chance to pass the bar exam with passing rates that have consistently beaten the competition!*

 *Congratulations to the B.E.S.T. class of July 2017: 92% of first-time takers from Southwestern Law School passed.

While this program recognizes that passing the bar examination depends significantly on the dedication and seriousness of the applicant in committing to the required effort, BEST is a program designed to concentrate  your efforts on passing the bar exam. 

The BEST program offers live lectures, frequent and comprehensive testing, and constant feedback that have been the key to success for so many. 

Choose either the B.E.S.T. Classic Course or our new Guaranteed Course with private tutoring.



- A HUGE thank you to Professor Knipprath's B.E.S.T. Bar Examination Success Training...if you're taking the bar next year, check him out! He does three-hour timed essays & PTs starting week ONE, reviews all your writing, and uses 100% actual bar multiple choice questions. If you've ever taken his classes, you know he's legendary for his review sessions on the last day of class--he does that for every bar subject. Once, he walked in halfway through a timed session, handed me a pen & told me to pretend my computer had just crashed. I felt like Rocky going into the bar with him in my corner.

- Professor Knipprath, I would NOT have passed the bar without your B.E.S.T. Bar Examination Success Training...there is no way my writing would have improved enough to pass the bar without it! Thank you so much!!!!
-Thank you for your patience with and dedication to all of the students in the program.
-I could never have done this without your course. From being ranked at the bottom to passing the hardest bar in the country is a statistic that has not even been measured.
-Once again I want to extend my million thanks to you and B.E.S.T. for helping me pass the Bar. B.E.S.T. is the ideal bar review course because it struck the perfect balance between substantive coverage of the law and guided written practice. The flash cards were highly effective for ingraining the law into my memory. But most of all, I recommend B.E.S.T. because of the time, energy, and commitment the instructor gave in making sure I succeeded. From giving confidence boosting pep-talks to explaining a rule of law after hours, Professor Knipprath makes it known that he cares about you passing!
-I want to thank you for all your help and advice these past few months. I know that you sacrificed a lot of family time and worked very hard to prepare me for the Bar.
  Study for the bar exam in a student-oriented program.  Professor Joerg Knipprath will be teaching a class limited to around 40 full-time students in this course of study designed to maximize success on the bar exam. NOTE: Enrollment for the February bar is limited to around 25 full-time students.
    The course will provide a review of substantive law, intensive training in writing and analytical skills for success on the essay and performance test portions of the exam, and several workshops on the Multistate Bar Exam portion of the test. The B.E.S.T. approach uses live lectures on all California bar exam subjects and focuses on the topics actually tested, unlike law school courses where the coverage may be what the professor believes is useful for his or her next article.
    The writing portion of the exam counts for 50% of the final score, so the B.E.S.T. position is that extensive training through actually writing and analyzing bar exam questions, personal feedback from the instructor, small group workshops, and individual meetings are more productive than excessive lectures on arcane points of hornbook law.
    Law school may have taught you to "think like a lawyer." Now learn the skills that law school did not provide but that are critical to passing the bar.

Location is near Southwestern Law School at: 
First Baptist Church of Los Angeles
760 South Westmoreland Ave
Los Angeles, California 90005
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