B.E.S.T. - Bar Examination Success Training
Bar Examination Success Training is taught by 
Professor Joerg Knipprath

Professor Knipprath, a Paul Treusch Professor at Southwestern Law School, earned his B.A. (magna cum laude) at Pomona College and his J.D. at Stanford University. 

Professor Knipprath is a member of the California Bar.  He also has taught nearly all the subjects on the bar exam during his 34-year career as a law professor, including 28 years full-time at Southwestern Law School.  

Before teaching at B.E.S.T., Professor Knipprath taught classes for professional bar preparation courses for over 20 years and has also participated in the Committee of Bar Examiners' official calibration sessions. 

He has been recognized multiple times for his excellence in teaching.

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